Power Play Day 4 AND 5 (Maybe even 6!): Writhing Reid

While I’m not exactly saying that Reid is a snake, I’m not going to deny it either. However this snakelike senator is writhing because as we’ve clearly established the Republicans want the shutdown. The government shutdown continues to be boring, uneventful

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Power Play Day 3: Economy Collapses

Oh, no wait. Sorry, the economy didn’t collapse because of the shutdown or Republicans. It’s still here, doing fine. I suppose the republic will live another day as we trudge into the morrow hoping that something happens that is both productive

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Power Play Part 2: Societal Collapse

As of today, despite what Harry Reid has in fact said repeatedly, the United States of America has survived economic collapse for the second day in a row. Thanks to the valiant effort of Obama, he almost singlehandedly saved the

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Power Play: Part 1

The federal government of the United States was shut down today thanks to both parties being stupid. Harry Reid himself said that the economy would suffer in a big way. The US as a major economic player was going to

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Blurb: Why Should I Care?

So I’m sitting here reading the news and I just find myself reading this story from a couple days ago. Now, this seems to be a recurring theme in the media, where some corporate executive speaks out against gay marriage

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The Log Cabin: Time to Burn

So I’m sure some of us have heard of the Log Cabin Republicans. They exist in political limbo, not as a political force but as something that is recognized as a potential power. My title is not a call for

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Elizabeth Warren: Pioneering Idiocy

Read this and weep. Elizabeth Warren, a previously respectable human being has finally degenerated into some Occupy Wall Street rabble. Her recent speech has been a critique of the Supreme Court of the United States for being too right-wing. She uses

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